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Simple Interface
Just and Internet Connection
Receive ACARS messages in real-time with just an internet connection. The software connects to a worldwide network of ACARS servers
Reliable Flight Information
Microsoft Windows, any version.
More than 25000 Users
Unique Photos of Real Aircraft
Powered by the world's largest aircraft picture database (over half a million pictures stored) you will see a photo of the aircraft sending the ACARS message.
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AirNav ACARS Decoder is by far the world's most successful ACARS Decoder currently available. With years of experience, AirNav Systems developed a product with extreme performance (almost no messages received are lost), and with all the features an aviation enthusiast needs.

Stop using expensive and complex ACARS decoders that require hardware.
Stop using amateur lack of performance and difficult to set up ACARS decoding software.

You just need a source of ACARS messages (an airband receiver or an internet connection). That's all. You will start receiving real aviation messages, sent from  real world airliners, in real-time.

Download now, install and after ordering you will be able to be as close as possible to real world aviation.

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Major Features
  •  Real-time ACARS Decoding
  • Real-time flight information (registration, type, company)
  • New Live Text Log with aircraft pictures
  • Renewed interface
  • Connects to Internet ACARS Servers to receive messages without an airband receiver
  • Automatic Accurate Aircraft Data Download
  • "Flight Watch" feature
  • Statistics in real-time
  • Editable Aircraft Database
  • Compatible with AirNav Suite and AirNav RadarBox

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