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Simple Interface
195 Aircraft Models
FS Live Traffic 3 brings you a selection of 195 aircraft models, exceeding all other AI packages by far.
Simple Interface
Microsoft Flight Simulator X and an Internet connection.
Reliable Flight Information
All models  designed with GMAX use latest Poly-LOD technology.
Reliable Flight Information Reviews Online
Read Flightsim.com review.
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Reliable Flight Information Accuracy
Data comes in real-time from the FAA and AirNav Systems Professional Worldwide ADS-B Network. It is worked 24x7 to provide you with the most reliable flight information available.
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In this section you may find detailed information on AirNav Live Flight Tracker most common problems.

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Information for FSX Experts

The AI aircraft will be installed to simobjects\misc, the airports and schedule to addon
- Special care is needed if you have MyTraffic X installed, and if you had FSLive Traffic X installed. If you no longer intend to use MyTraffic X, or had FSLive Traffic X, uninstall them before you install FS Live Traffic 2010.
- If you intend to further use MyTraffic X, update to either MyTraffic X 5. 2 professional or to MyTraffic 2010, and remove all the aircraft you installed here from simobjects\misc. You will get an immediate benefit from this combinations, that some very rare models and paints that are available in MyTraffic X 5. 2b, but not in AirNav FSLive Traffic 2, even appear. It may takes days until such a rare event happens, though, depending on where you fly.
- Users of earlier versions of FSLive Traffic who migrate to FS Live Traffic 2010 should remove the following line from their FSX. cdg file: simobjects. 6=MyTraffic\aircraft

Disabling is easy, just delete the bgl. Uninstallation is straight forward with no additional problems.


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