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AirNav RadarBox - Easy, Cheap and Affordable Flight Tracking
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Simple Interface
How it works
1. Connect the AirNav RadarBox to your computer using the USB cable provided
2. Install the software from the CD
3. Start Tracking flights in real-time!

Simple Interface
Microsoft Windows, any version.
Internet Connection for Network feature.

More than 25000 Users
RadarBox Network is the first worldwide flight radar flight data ever developed. You are experimenting new technology never used before.
Check Real-Time Network Locations
Simple Interface
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Simple Interface
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AirNav RadarBox, the world's best selling and most advanced Real Time Virtual Radar. Designed by Professional Pilots and the first and only ADS-B receiver with a presence in space.

AirNav RadarBox is the closest you can be to real world aviation without leaving your chair thanks to next generation Radar decoding. By decoding ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) radar signals, you will be able to see on your computer what real Air Traffic Controllers see on their screens in Real-Time. Flight number, aircraft type, altitude, heading, speed are all updated each second. Included is the award winning software interface developed by the world's leader in flight tracking and monitoring solutions, AirNav Systems.
Why RadarBox?
1   Designed by Professional Airline Pilots
2   Network your station with others
3   No third-party apps with hidden costs required. All-in-one package.
4   See local and network traffic in Real-Time
5   Continuous software updates
6   Professional email and forum support
7   Standard 3D interface included  by default (RadarBox 3D)
8   100% compatible with all SBS apps. Upgrade now and continue to use your favorite apps.

Special Campaign:
Upgrade to RadarBox - Return your Old Unwanted Mode-S Receiver

ADS-B Receivers Compared

Download a Free 3D Trial Now (393 Mb)

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RadarBox 3D
For the first time a Virtual Radar integrates Real-Time and Networked 3D Flight Tracking.
Worldwide coverage. Over 60 aircraft models and 700 liveries.
More Screen Shots

RadarBox Pro
This is the standard 2-dimensional version that has for so long, been regarded as the most reliable and stable virtual radar platform, and the only one that does not rely on third party plug-ins - which cost!
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Information Resources and Documentation

Presentation Leaflet: All the information you need in 4 pages
Documentation and Video Support:
Download AirNav RadarBox Docs and Manuals
Magazine Articles:
RadarBox Reviews
Why RadarBox: Deciding between RadarBox or our competition? Differences Here
Forum: Join our Community and visit the RadarBox Forum to learn more.
Translated Help/Manual: available in German, Spanish, French and other languages

RadarBox Network in Real-Time

AirNav RadarBox Network is now available in real-time for every user, not just professionals, without Any Limitations.
Subscribe now a and start watching flight movements live, all over the world, in real-time, on your computer.

Package Contents

  • RadarBox Hardware Unit
  • USB Cable
  • Antenna
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Setup CD with Software

Major Features

Real-Time Radar ADS-B decoder hardware included  
No need for an external power supply  
Plug-and-play USB connection  
Light weight easy to carry aluminum box  
Track local and network flights in real-time  
Flight ID, registration, altitude, speed, heading and vertical speed  
Accurate Aircraft information daily maintained by a team of volunteers  
Navigational Aid information powered by Navigraph  
Based on the award winning 3D multi-window map interface  
Easy plug & play USB connection, no complex time consuming setup  
ACARS Decoder interface  
Generate and share reports automatically  
Share screen shots with your friends  
MyLog: log all and share with your friends all the aircraft you receive  
Alert generation for specific aircraft or in-range flights  
Radar player to review airspace recordings  
Editable 400 thousand callsign database included  
Automatic detection of user location  
Fully integrated 3D Flight Tracking  
Embedded application Google Earth Interface  
Over 600 Models/Liveries Included  

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