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Simple Interface
How it works
1. Connect the AirNav ShipTrax receiver to your computer using the USB cable provided. It is also possible to connect using an Ethernet port (to your router) or using a serial cable.
2. Install the software from the CD
3. Start Tracking ships in real-time!

Simple Interface
Microsoft Windows, any version.
Internet Connection for Network feature.

More than 25000 Users
ShipTrax Network is a complete worldwide ship data bank with detailed information of on over 10 thousand ships worldwide.
This information includes ship position, destination port and arrival time, ship dimensions and ship photo.
Check Real-Time Network Locations

Simple Interface
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Simple Interface
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AirNav ShipTrax is the most advanced Windows based Ship Tracking application. Being able to receive ship data from various sources (AIS, TCP/IP, VOS, networks) you will be able to track ships all over the world in real-time.
This product is something never seen in the marine community and results from a 15 year experience in the development of high-tech award winning aviation solutions.
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