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AirNav Suite
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Simple Interface
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Faster, more accurate and easier to use.
The new graphical Interface makes the use of maps very simple.
With just a few mouse clicks, you can zoom, resize and pan your current view of the airspace.
Simple Interface
Microsoft Windows, any version.
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In this section you may find detailed information on AirNav Suite most common problems.

Latest Upgrades and Patches
Always be sure you're using the latest version of your product.
Latest Patch/Upgrade (2002 Apr 29) - Download here
(you need to have the full program installed)
Download full program

Registration Codes
Forgot your registration codes? Just enter below the email address you registered with and the codes will be sent to you via email.

Registered Email:

Internet Download Problems

Cause: the server from where AirNav Suite and AirNav Internet Lite get their flight data is experiencing some problems and change the way data has to be downloaded.

Download the new patch here
2- If AirNav Suite 4 is running, close it.
3- Unzip the downloaded file and copy the anst. exe file to the folder where you have AirNav Suite 4 installed, overwriting the existing file (by default anst. exe is located at "C:\Program Files\AirNav Systems\AirNav Suite 4").

Registration Codes Not Being Accepted:

You must enter the registration codes exactly as you have received them by email.
These codes are always correct, as they are automatically generated.
These codes are formed by 2 parameters: your email and password.
You will receive these 2 parameters by email after registering.
After this, start the application, and in the 'Logon Window' enter them exactly as you received.

1- Do not leave spaces before or after the email and password.
2- Do not change the character case of the letters: for example 'Ronald' is not the same as 'ronald' or 'RONALD'.

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