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Simple Interface
Simple Interface
Move your mouse over a map and you will see detailed flight information (Flight Number, Origin, Destination, Aircraft, Altitude, Heading, Speed, elapsed and remaining time).You will also see detailed airport and airspace information.
Reliable Flight Information
Reliable Flight Information
Data comes in real-time from the FAA and is worked 7x24 to provide you with the most reliable flight information available.
More than 25000 Users
AirNav Systems products have more than 30000 Users
These include NOAA, NASA, IBM, Sanford Airport Authority, Calgary Airport Authority, Delta Airlines, Honeywell, US Coast Guard, DaimlerChrysler, TV and Radio Stations and hundreds of Airports, Small Jet Operators and Travel related companies.
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Total ADS-B Monitoring for your Operations Room

As the number of contacts by Airlines, Private Jet Operators and Airports regarding the installation of our ADS-B monitoring systems increased, we have decided to create an All-In-One bundle for ADS-B fleet monitoring.

One technician will stay at your location for 2 days (anywhere in the World) and install everything that is needed to monitor traffic in real-time locally and all over the world by accessing our worldwide ADS-B data network. Software, hardware, antenna, LCD. All included and ready to use.

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  • 2 ADS-B Receiver Units
  • 42'' LCD Monitor
  • ADS-B Professional Antenna
  • Cable of up to 20 meters (between antenna and receiver)
  • Computer to run H24 with Windows and ADS-B Software installed
  • AirNav Systems Technician at your location for 2 days
  • Hotel and travel expenses included in the final price

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