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Simple Interface
Simple Interface
Move your mouse over a map and you will see detailed flight information (Flight Number, Origin, Destination, Aircraft, Altitude, Heading, Speed, elapsed and remaining time).
You will also see detailed airport and airspace information.
Reliable Flight Information
Reliable Flight Information
Data comes in real-time from the FAA and is worked 7x24 to provide you with the most reliable flight information available.
More than 25000 Users
More than 30000 Users
These include NOAA, NASA, IBM, Sanford Airport Authority, Calgary Airport Authority, Delta Airlines, Honeywell, US Coast Guard, DaimlerChrysler, TV and Radio Stations and hundreds of Airports, Small Jet Operators and Travel related companies.
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AirNav Systems LLC mission is to develop the most comprehensive flight tracking and monitoring applications for all kinds of aviation related users.

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AirNav Systems Offices
Tampa, FL, USA
Headquartered in Tampa, FL, AirNav Systems LLC has been publishing and developing software for the aviation world since 1996, an eternity in Internet terms.


Starting with the development of simple software designed to enter manual information to track planes over oceanic areas AirNav Systems LLC now offers you a complete set of flight tracking and monitoring tools for all kinds of users, from Airlines and Airports to Limousine Operators and Aviation Enthusiasts.

Since the beginning our aim continues to be to offer you the best quality aviation software you can afford.

Always with high quality standards and innovative features not found in any other similar programs, AirNav Systems LLC products have been reviewed in more than 100 magazines, newspapers, TVs and Radios worldwide. We currently have more than 15 thousand users in 150 different countries.


Setting the Standards

AirNav Live Flight Tracker - Our Successful Flagship Product

Used by Aviation Professionals and Enthusiasts in all the world,
AirNav Live Flight Tracker is considered the most powerful flight tracking application currently available.

Used in Airline Fleet Management, Vortex and wake-turbulence studies (Denver Airport - Coherent Technologies in partnership with FAA and NASA), Aviation TV programs (Discovery Channel and
others) this hi-tech application is available not only for professionals but for anyone with just an internet connection, and for the cheapest cost in the market.

Setting the Standards

AirNav Systems LLC remains committed to the continued development of new aviation software applications that break the mold. At any given time we have as many as 6 software projects on the block, usually with a focus on flight tracking and monitoring. Keep an eye open. . . interesting things are around the corner.

AirNav Systems - The World's most popular
Aircraft Tracking and Monitoring Software
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