Flight Data Solutions

Learn how AirNav’s turn-key data solutions and analytics ecosystem can help transform your flight operations, inform your decision making and drive your business forward.

API & Data Solutions Suite

As the industry’s largest flight data provider, we do the heavy lifting by aggregating data and developing tools that easily adapt to your changing needs, and seamlessly integrate with your existing technology platforms.

Our Flight Tracking Suite and Data Solutions Suite give you the flexibility to customize and integrate our products in a way that works for your business. Whether you’re a small airline or a large ANSP, our promise is to bring you the best solutions that enable you to operate at maximum efficiency.

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On-Demand API

Our Credit-per-Query On-Demand API lets client applications access both real-time and historical flight data on an as-needed volume basis. This data is aggregated and delivered by AirNav’s extensive terrestrial and satellite ADS-B network. Real-time data is sent via a secure TCP web socket connection, while historic flight tracking data is available via a download link.

Top Features:

  • Low Costs
  • Pay-As-You-Go model

Stream API

The Flight Data API is by far AirNav’s most popular data solution, with 70+ data fields that include Flight Number, Call Sign, Speed, Altitude, Registration, Scheduled and Actual Departure / Arrival Times, and much more. Customers generally request data in JSON, XML and CSV formats, but other formats are also available.

Top Features:

  • Multiple Data Formats
  • Alert Notifications

ADS-B Airport Analytics

Tailored to airports and FBOs, Airport Analytics provide visual reports and heat maps that can help companies improve predictability and optimize their resources on the ground.

Top Features:

  • Airport Heat Maps
  • On Ground Analytics

Flight Information

The Flight Data API features 70+ flight information fields, including:

  • Flight Number, Origin & Destination Airport
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Call Sign, Aircraft Type, Speed
  • Registration, Heading, Altitude
  • Scheduled and Actual Departure / Arrival Times

ADS-B Sources

  • Ground-Based ADS-B
  • Multilateration (MLAT)
  • Space-Based ADS-B
  • HFDL
  • Oceanic Reports
  • Euro Control Flight Data
  • FAA Radar / SWIM
  • Position Estimates
  • ADS-C