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Find out how easily media and journalists can use RadarBox. Using RadarBox on the media.

AirNav RadarBox is a flight tracking service that displays aircraft & flight information in real-time on a map

Flight data includes real-time aircraft positions, origin and destination airports, flight numbers, aircraft types, and flight schedules. AirNav Systems LLC is the parent company of RadarBox, based in 1228 East 7th Avenue Tampa, Florida - United States. AirNav RadarBox has been widely used in the media industry to illustrate news stories featuring commercial and general aviation.

You can find more information about RadarBox in this page:

AirNav RadarBox tracking solutions being used on a live TV broadcast.


Screenshots from or the RadarBox app can be used for free by all media if screenshots are credited accordingly.

For print

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For television use

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For social media

  All of the screenshots should include the RadarBox logo. Feel free to mention RadarBox and to include one or more links that point to pages on our website that are relevant to the content.

For online publication

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How to find a flight:

In the search bar, type the flight number or aircraft registration in the search box.


You can track the flight if it is live, but you also have access to replay of flights for previous days in the RadarBox Flight History.


Examples of screenshots used by media:

Fox News - United States CBC - Canada

The Sun - UK RT - Russia



RadarBox allows you to build your own widget to be able to track live flights on your website. Just paste the generated HTML code into your web page. Build yours at

AirNav RadarBox news page

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