The AirNav Edge

AirNav’s ADS-B and data solutions are enhancing operations and improving business results for every client.

Increased Revenue & Lower Operating Costs

  • No additional equipment or infrastructure investment required.
  • No equipment maintenance contracts or overhead costs.
  • Reduced dependency on legacy surveillance systems.
  • Reliance on AirNav’s ground and satellite ADS-B network for surveillance. Fast and easy to deploy solutions with minimal client downtime.

Improved Predictability & Surveillance Coverage

  • ANSPs and controllers can offer more direct or preferred routing options.
  • Second-by-second flight position updates eliminate the risk of loss or separation.
  • Space-based ADS-B completely eliminates blind spots and ensures 100% global coverage, including both North and South Poles, remote terrains and oceanic regions.
  • Space-based ADS-B eliminates the line of sight issues faced by ground-based ADS-B.

Boosts Operational Capacity & Routing Efficiency

  • Fewer restrictions in terms of speed, altitude and separation.
  • Significantly increase traffic flow capacity.
  • Optimize flight plans and routing with real-time data.

Beyond the Edge